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Jekel, Julie L.

Dante's Prayer
Rated PG-13
Category: SRA
Spoilers: Season 8
Summary: Dante was only a child when her mother, The Chancellor, negotiated a peace treaty with the alien invaders that insured the survival of mankind. Now, twenty years later, she is about to learn why her mother believes that her greatest triumph was also her greatest betrayal.


Drive, He Said
Rated R
Category: VA, MSR, character death
Spoilers: Not provided
Summary: Where do you go when there's nowhere left?

Jesemie's Evil Twin

Night Giving Off Flames
Not Rated
Category: Angst, oddness, M/S
Spoilers: Occurs sometime after "Hollywood AD."
Summary: "Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible." - John Milton

Rated PG-13
Category: SA, CD
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: None provided

wire sprint
Rated NC-17
Category: SA, M/S
Spoilers: Specific ones through Amor Fati.
Summary: "How can I see the future if it didn't already exist?" -- Clyde Bruckman


Binding the Edges
Rated PG-13
Category: XRA, MSR
Spoilers: Many
Summary: When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all.


Lights Go Out
Rated NC-17
Category: None provided.
Spoilers: FTF, Season Six, the entire mytharc
Summary: It's Colonization time, and Acully's in some unexpected company. A little warning: this is not a happy story.


Learning to Fly
Rated PG
Category: Colonization, Resistance, Married with Baby, xovers from Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure.
Spoilers: Divergence from orthodox XF after Two Fathers/One Son .
Summary: Mulder and Scully face up to the long-term implications of life--with child--in the Resistance. Both find unexpected sources of help.

Thicker Than Water
Rated PG
Category: Colonization, pregnancy, Mulder Torture, Scully Angst
Spoilers: Everything through Requiem
Summary: Ask yourself: *why* do the aliens want Mulder and *why* do they want to colonize the Earth?

Judd, Deslea

I Believe
Rated PG
Category: SRA
Spoilers: The Truth
Summary: On faith, friendship, love, loss, grief, fear, honour, dignity, and truth. A speech delivered to the tattered remnant.

Rated R
Category: X
Spoilers: The Truth
Summary: You don't have to be mortal to love. You don't have to be human to feel.

K., Dasha

Blinded By White Light
Rated NC-17
Category: SRA
Spoilers: No major ones.
Summary: What are we, but the sum of our memories?

Karr, Emilie Renee

Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Not Rated
Category: S
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: In the world After, people have found a way to survive--by losing everything. But for one man, nothing is lost forever.


The Damascus Files (WIP)
Rated R
Category: MT,A, MSR, AU
Spoilers: Up through The Unnatural.
Summary: Mulder gains amazing and frightening psychic powers after suffering a debilitating, life altering head injury. The search for the truth, of where the powers come from lead the pair to Central America and some amazing discoveries about God, aliens and themselves.

Keil, Kelly

The Caretakers
Rated R
Category: S, A, S/D, post-colonization
Spoilers: Within/Without
Summary: In the midst of chaos, life still goes on.

The Last Stand
Rated PG-13
Category: V A
Spoilers: Nothing in particular. Some vague references through season seven.
Summary: Post-colonization. Character death. Krycek's last hurrah.