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Rating PG13/R
Category: MSR/Friendship/X-File/HC
Spoilers: Several episodes that cover the conspiracy mythology arc.
Summary: After Mulder and Scully are wounded in a bloody ambush, Scully awakens to find herself in a world where The Day has come and gone, and a choice must be made between duty and Mulder.

At Liberty
Rating PG13/R
Category: Post-Colonization/Mulder-Skinner Friendship/Muldertorture/Skinnertorture/Krycektorture/Spendertorture/ScullyAngst
Spoilers: The Conspiracy Arc.
Summary: Mulder and Skinner fight to survive in a Colonizer's prison camp.

Rated PG
Category: None provided
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Mulder, Skinner and Scully free Doggett from an insane asylum shortly after he disovers the truth about Aliens.
Prequel to Undocumented

Fight: Y2K
Rated PG13
Category: Flickfic/MSR/MSS Friendship/X-File/Holiday Challenge/Scullyangst/ Skinnerangst/Muldertorture
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: The Day is upon us, but Mulder has a hard time convincing Scully to duck and cover.

Rated: PG-13
Category: Colonization
Spoilers: Bunches, you bet.
Summary: Doggett risks his life to carry precious cargo -- Scully -- across country to Mulder and safety as the alien takeover begins.
Sequel to Committed

Lady Disdain

Morning of a War
Rated G
Category: Colonization fic
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: "This is the story of a woman on the morning of a war." - Red Hot Chilepeppers, "Easily"

Law, Narida

The Absence of Memory
Rated R
Category: SRA
Spoilers: None
Summary: Salvation comes in many forms.


Non 'e Lei
Rated NC-17
Category: Post apocalyptic angst, character death, implied slash and m/f sex.
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: None provided

Li'l Gusty

Rated PG-13
Category: MSR, implied M/O
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: "How could you tell the one person you'd pledged your life to that you'd given up on them?"


Portrait of a Family
Rated R
Category: SAR, M/S, mytharc
Spoilers: Everything mytharc related.
Summary: Colonization has been thwarted, Samantha has been found. But the story is only beginning.

Reinventing the Future
Reinventing the Future II: Asunder
19K - 42K
Rated R
Category: SA, MSR
Spoilers: Relies on the mytharc.
Summary: A future.


By the Stream
Rated PG
Category: None provided
Spoilers: Existence
Summary: Something lies hidden in the woods.


Edge of Field
Rated PG
Category: SA, MT, Post-col
Spoilers: Spins off after "Within/Without"
Summary: "I was...curious about my Secret Admirer. Someone was taking fine care of me and I needed to know who and why."

Rated R
Category: A, tiny bit of slash
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: After the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner.

Loch Ness

Letters of Transit
Not Rated
Category: None provided
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: It's 1999--"The Date" has come and gone, the "Project" is under way, and deadly bees have been unleashed on North America.


All Of These Are Nothing
Rated: not rated
Category: VA, post-colonization
Spoilers: Without
Summary: Each thing hostile / To every other thing

Smothered Joy
Rated PG-13
Category: VA
Spoilers: Slight FTF
Summary: It's not easy being the stepping block to extinction for your own species.


Equanimity (part 1) (part 2)
Rated NC-17
Category: MSR, Post-Colonization
Spoilers: Everything through Season 7.
Summary: Mulder's sudden return coincides with the start of colonization. Was he sent home for a reason?


Last One Standing
Rated PG-13
Category: VRA, MSR, SK/O, M/SK/SC friendship. SK/SC UST, LGM
Spoilers: Everything up until Requiem and beyond.
Summary: The gang's all here and this is how I'd like to see it end I think.


Rated PG13
Category: MA, MSR, post-colonization, and character death, V
Spoilers: Spoilers for FTF, all things, Small Potatoes and cancerarc. Also mytharc.
Summary: The bee is back.

Left Standing
Rated R
Category: Mulder/Reyes comfort, post-col, CD
Spoilers: Through The Truth.
Summary: When the world ends, you have to find comfort in those left standing.


Entropy I: If Only to Prevail
Entropy II: Past Pain, Past Recall
217K - 505K
Rated R
Category: XA
Spoilers: Everything after "Memento Mori" hasn't happened yet.
Summary: Secrets are exposed, the truth beckons, and three powers battle for global domination -- two of them after Mulder, who finally discovers where he stands in the grand scheme of things.


Burning the Maps
Rated R
Category: V, A, A flicker of MSR
Spoilers: A few, up to S5.
Summary: An ending, of sorts.
Prequel to A Candle For Katherine

A Candle For Katherine
Rated PG-13
Category: V, A, MSR
Spoilers: None
Summary: None provided.
Sequel to Burning the Maps

Rated NC-17
Category: V, MSR, A
Spoilers: None
Summary: A conversation. A game. All is not what it seems.

Life During Wartime series
(external link)
With cofax, Fialka, & Maria Nicole
See individual stories
Not Rated
Category: Angst, violence
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: A post-colonization series written from varying points of view.


155 Words Series
Into Darkness
Dreams of Flight
Thread of Sanity
1K each
Rated PG
Category: V, post-col
Spoilers: None.
Summary: It wasn't supposed to be like this.


In the Streets of Fire - A Gunman's Lament
Rated PG
Category: S
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: "I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy," These words he did say as I boldly stepped by. "Come sit down beside me and hear my sad story - I'm shot in the breast and I know I must die." - The Cowboy's Lament (aka Streets of Laredo) Francis Henry Maynard 1876

McCole-Cupp, Erin

The Children's Teeth: The Little Fight
The Children's Teeth: Guardian Dear
The Children's Teeth: Sister's Blood
The Children's Teeth Interlude: Confessions of a Cigarette-Smoking Girl
The Children's Teeth Interlude: She's Always A Woman to Me
The Children's Teeth
7K - 13K - 191K - 8K - 14K - 121K
Rated PG
Category: None provided
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: "If the fiercest conglomerate monsters had souls, with all that implied, who could condemn them as evil?" -- Piers Anthony


Journal 1999
Rated NC-17
Category: MSR
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: The first three months of post-colonization Earth from Scully's point of view.
Prequel to Journal 2000

Journal 2000
Rated NC-17
Category: MSR
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: The struggle continues.
Sequel to Journal 1999


Destiny's Light
Rated R
Category: RA, character death
Spoilers: All the mytharc
Summary: The end is finally upon them, and Scully and Mulder fight to survive the dark world that the Colonists have created.


A Show Of Strength
Rated R
Category: A, MSR, Post-Col
Spoilers: Through 5th Season mythology. Abstract references to "The Red and The Black."
Summary: Perception, loyalty, and identity are called into question as survivors face new and more threatening challenges.

Tangible 2: Summer
Tangible 3: Fall
With Blueswirl
87K - 73K - 72K
Rated: NC-17
Category: TRA
Spoilers: 5th Season
Summary: Sometimes, to have anything, one must be willing to risk everything.


Forbidding Mourning
Rated R
Category: AR,post-colonization
Spoilers: Seasons 1-7
Summary: "Death and sorrow seem to be our constant companions, don't they? But I just hope we never get to the point where we can't feel anymore. I think that would be so much worse than the pain."

Michel, J. S.

Rated R
Category: DRR, implied MSR
Spoilers: William, The Truth
Summary: You gotta live it every day.

Millington, J.

Rated PG13
Category: VA, slash
Spoilers: None
Summary: A fierce wind was coming, and he hoped that mankind would be able to live it through..

Hard Bitten
Rated R
Category: Slash
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Two men find a new reason to go on.


Still Bravely Singing
Rated G
Category: V
Spoilers: None mentioned
Summary: When the battles are won and the casualties counted, it's important to remember the price of victory.
Sequel to While Daring Greatly

While Daring Greatly
With Dan Walker
Rated G
Category: SA
Spoilers: Everything up to Season 7.
Summary: In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means.
Prequel to Still Bravely Singing


Rated NC-17
Category: Post-col, MSR
Spoilers: Through Requiem
Summary: Seeker of answers, bringer of truth... he alone can reveal the hidden memories of her heart.
Sequel to Julia

Rated NC-17
Category: MSR
Spoilers: Post-Requiem.
Summary: A new identity, a new, dangerous society, an unchanged heart and soul.
Prequel to Gabriel

Moreland, Kelly

Ballad of Truth
Not Rated
Category: Post Colonization Poem.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: A ballad for historical record...

Then What of Our Nightmares?
Rated NC-17
Category: Angst/MT
Spoilers: None really...
Summary: Post Colonization.. It's gritty. Be warned.

Fides Procuro
Fides Procuro II: Quod neque nec respicio
Fides Procuro III: Pondera Somnia
Fides Procuro IV: The truth points to itself.
41K - 33K - 30K - 21K
Rated PG-13 to NC-17
Category: A, MSR
Spoilers: None really.
Summary: Colonization/Apocalyptic hell.


Dark Sunset Books I & II (WIP)
(external link through Wayback)
509K - 93K
Rated NC-17
Category: Slash
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Set in a post-apocalyptic world where survival of the fittest has become the only law among the survivors of the alien harvest. A world where almost all of the women have died as a result of the bombing of the alien internment camps and the majority of men under thirty have been taken away in the harvest.

Moseley, Vickie

Resistance 1.0: Knowing
Rated G
Category: MSM, Mytharc, pre and post colonizationM
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: It's 2012. William Vande Kamp knows more than his parents think he knows. He's about to embark on an adventure that will change his life forever.

Resistance 2.0 (WIP)
Rated G
Category: MSM, Mytharc, pre and post colonizationM
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: It's Christmas, 2012. The Mulder family has come a long way, from Mexico into the mountains of Canada. But the invasion isn't far behind them.

Munro, Mia

Odi et Amo
Rated G
Category: Post-col
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: In the hell of post-colonization two people meet.


Ladies of the Lake
Rated PG-13
Category: V
Spoilers: William fic, future fic
Summary: "Why would anyone give up their own kid?"

William Long-Ears
Rated PG-13
Category: Post-col, AU, MSR, CD
Spoilers: Nothing really.
Summary: It was the rabbit who sacrified himself by jumping into the pot to feed the starving Buddha.