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Pale the Chicken Slayer

Seven More Days
Not Rated
Category: MSR, Post-Apoc
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: I say, don't forget your keys in the morning. But we both know, our plans never work out.


Leviathan (part 1) (part 2)
Leviathan II
Rated R
Category: CRA
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: Many years ago, in a smoke-filled room, the men of shadows signed away the future of mankind. The date was set; and now the date has come. It has come...

The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie

Rated PG
Category: SRA, slight SSR, slight MSR
Spoilers: None
Summary: Scully, Skinner, and the Lone Gunmen are just a few of the survivors of the alien attack, living underground in tunnels near what used to be DC. Mulder has been missing since 1997, when the war began. Everyone else takes Mulder for dead, except for Scully. Then when a strange man is found on the surface, and no one knows who he is, things REALLY get complicated.


The Beginning of Sorrows
Rated PG-13
Category: Post-col, AU
Spoilers: Early in Season 9
Summary: 'And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.'

The Consort
Rated NC-17
Category: Scully/Skinner, AU
Spoilers: Anything really.
Summary: Queen consort: the wife of a reigning king.

Gin and Gothic
Rated R
Category: Gothic elements, post-col
Spoilers: Splits off from canon during Season 7.
Summary: Forbidden love.

Phillips, Linda

Revelations I: I Saw a Pale Horse
Revelations II: The Morning Star
Revelations III: The Moon Beneath Her Feet
Revelations IV: Fire and Hail
Revelations V: Water of Life
29K - 33K - 38K - 42K - 49K
Rated PG-13 to NC-17
Category: SA, MSR
Spoilers: Through S7
Summary: Can love survive the end of the world?

Post, Suzanna

Rated R
Category: X R A
Spoilers: Everything in season six, *not* including Biogenesis Content warning: graphic violence
Summary: Do you ever wonder what happened to the MJ files and the network of Navajo Indians that memorized their secrets? Mulder and Scully make some decisions, and are forced to deal with the consequences. This is basically my take on how the series could end.

Kiss the Darkness
Rated R
Category: X R A
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Two Fathers/One Son
Summary: Mulder and Scully are tipped, but what is the purpose?

Priolo, Char

From This Moment On
Rated R
Category: A, MSR.
Spoilers: Everything
Summary: The end has come.


One Thought
Not Rated
Category: Post-invasion/angst
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: None provided.

prufrock's love

Belphegor's Prime
Rated Strong R
Category: Novel, MSR, Post-colonization
Spoilers: Through Season 7 Summary: When someone wrote Time Travel for Dummies, the guidebook should include a chapter titled "Love as a Form of Self-flagellation." Or "She's Your Touchstone, You're a Stranger." Mulder's old files documented time travel, parallel universes, and wormholes. Back in the day, he'd been a regular G-man with a hot partner, a hazy job description, and a plan to thwart an alien invasion. Then the world ended. Scully vanished. And none of his X-files offered any guidance on romance in a time of pleated pants and shoulder pads.

The Golden Year
(external link)
Rated R
Category: MSR, Angst, Mythology, Brief Sc/O
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: "There is the want of the flesh and the want of the soul, and I am afflicted with both. Perhaps I should see a doctor, Scully."

Negative Utopia
(external link)
Rated NC-17
Category: X R A
Spoilers: Through mid Season 7
Summary: After the world ends, Mulder and Scully's struggle to survive at any cost continues.

SN 1572
Rated NC-17
Category: Novel, Post-colonization, Angst, Dark MSR, Other
Spoilers: Through early season 7
Summary: After colonization and Earth's devastation, Scully remains in one of the few safe, walled colonies, remembering the past and praying for some future with Mulder. Whatever the hell Mulder has become.

War Stories & Maple Hair
(external link)
Rated PG-13
Category: V, MSR, post-colonization
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Mulder shares a story about Scully before a battle.

Punk Maneuverability

Rated PG
Category: S, A, R
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: Apocalypse doesn't always mean the end of the world.

Quintana, Cecilia

Think About the Future
With Kristina Corey
Rated: PG
Category: Post-colonization
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Spender reflects about the past in the future.