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By Susan
Not Rated
Category: V
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: In the future, anything's possible.

Family Choice

By Megan O'Connor
Rated PG-13
Category: Post-col, CD, LGM/other
Spoilers: Up through the finale and the LGM series.
Summary: Looking back on one woman's life.

Fides Procuro
Fides Procuro II: Quod neque nec respicio
Fides Procuro III: Pondera Somnia
Fides Procuro IV: The truth points to itself.

By Kelly Moreland
41K - 33K - 30K - 21K
Rated PG-13 to NC-17
Category: A, MSR
Spoilers: None really.
Summary: Colonization/Apocalyptic hell.

Fight: Y2K

By Lacadiva
Rated PG-13
Category: Flickfic/MSR/MSS Friendship/X-File/Holiday Challenge/Scullyangst/ Skinnerangst/Muldertorture
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: The Day is upon us, but Mulder has a hard time convincing Scully to duck and cover.

Fighting the Future

By Kathleen Brown
Rated NC-17
Category: SA, post-col, MT?
Spoilers: The fifth season alien mytharc.
Summary: Mulder and Scully's progeny are the only hope for the future of the human race, in particular, one young clone named Andrew.

Final Preparations

By Spock
Rated PG-13
Category: post-colonization
Spoilers: Seasons 1-7
Summary: It's the time of After. The aliens have come, fought, and lost. Now, one searches through the remains of the country for those who saved Earth the first time.

The Final Stand

By Ashley
Rated PG
Category: William, Invasion storyline
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: If William is humanity's last hope against alien invasion, how does an 11-year old kid prevent an invasion when grownups have tried for half a decade and failed? And what are Mulder and Scully up to while in hiding?

Forbidding Mourning

By MeridyM
Rated R
Category: AR,post-colonization
Spoilers: Seasons 1-7
Summary: "Death and sorrow seem to be our constant companions, don't they? But I just hope we never get to the point where we can't feel anymore. I think that would be so much worse than the pain."


By Rocketman
Not Rated
Category: A, UST
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: I never want to know this kind of homecoming.

Four Corners
(external link for complete series)

By Spookey247
34K - 85K - 122K - 222K - 19K
Rated PG - NC-17
Category: TRA, AU, MSR
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Somewhere near Tuba City, Arizona, 2036. "The pain is buried, but he feels it waking."


By seema
Not Rated
Category: post-colonization
Spoilers: None provided.
Summary: "She shines in a world full of ugliness, she matters when everything else is meaningless."

Fragments - In Memoriam

By XSketch
Rated PG
Category: Post-col, CD
Spoilers: The Truth
Summary: What should you say to try immortalise someone you already know will never be forgotten?


By Abra Elliott
Rated R
Category: MSR; Mulder POV; post-colonization
Spoilers: For just about everything through Requiem
Summary: Mulder muses during a long, cold night.

From Here

By Anubis
Rated R
Category: Not provided.
Spoilers: Biogenesis
Summary: We are left to witness the end of days.

From This Moment On

By Char Priolo
Rated R
Category: A, MSR.
Spoilers: Everything
Summary: The end has come.

Full Reward

By Bonetree
Rated R
Category: Post-col, VA, implied CD.
Spoilers: Set after Season 9
Summary: After the end of all things, how would you choose a beginning?

The Furious Winter

removed by author request

Future Perfect
(external link)

By Xanthe
Rated R
Category: Post-col, VA, implied CD.
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: They were prisoners: no matter how luxurious the prison, or how kind their captors.


By Mish
Rated NC-17
Category: Post-col, MSR
Spoilers: Through Requiem
Summary: Seeker of answers, bringer of truth... he alone can reveal the hidden memories of her heart.
Sequel to Julia

The Ghost of You Walks

By afg
Rated R
Category: V, post-col, CD, S/Sk
Spoilers: None
Summary: Remember when is not a game we play, it's too hard, it takes too much of a toll on hearts that are scarred beyond repair.


By Amy Vincent
Not Rated
Category: Crossover with "The Handmaid's Tale."
Spoilers: Not provided
Summary: Not provided

Gin and Gothic

By Philiater
Rated R
Category: Gothic elements, post-col
Spoilers: Splits off from canon during Season 7.
Summary: Forbidden love.

Glass Landscape

By Annie Sewell-Jennings
Rated NC-17
Category: SAR
Spoilers: Post-"Requiem"
Summary: The world has fallen, Scully is nine months pregnant and alone in the desert, and Mulder is bound to her in a thousand different ways.

The Golden Year
(external link)

By prufrock's love
Rated R
Category: MSR, Angst, Mythology, Brief Sc/O
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: "There is the want of the flesh and the want of the soul, and I am afflicted with both. Perhaps I should see a doctor, Scully."

Goodwill Towards Men

By Neoxphile
Not Rated
Category: None provided
Spoilers: Post-series
Summary: Christmas Day, one year post-invasion.

Groovin On Colonization Afternoon

By Sunny
Rated PG
Category: None.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: The X-Files cast does a Tostitos commercial. Script format.