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Recollections of a Future Passed

By XochiLuvr
Rated PG-13
Category: UST/MSR/Post-col/Angst/MSM
Spoilers: Not a one.
Summary: "I'm... I'm not sure, really. It scares me sometimes. The past is... well, that's really all it is now. The past. That's who I was... before. Not now. Not anymore."

Regrets III: Rebirth

By RPCrazy
Rated NC-17
Category: DRR
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Doggett and Reyes are now parents while John still works on the X-Files. Something more ominous and unexpected clouds the horizon putting in doubt the authenticity of Mulder's alien colonization date.

Reinventing the Future
Reinventing the Future II: Asunder

By Lilith
19K - 42K
Rated R
Category: SA, MSR
Spoilers: Relies on the mytharc.
Summary: A future.

Replacing Sorrow

By bcfan
Not Rated
Category: None provided
Spoilers: Post colonization
Summary: A trial, a friendship, and a promise.


By Vickie Moseley
Rated G
Category: MSM, Mytharc, pre and post colonizationM
Spoilers: None provided

Resistance 1.0: Knowing
Summary: It's 2012. William Vande Kamp knows more than his parents think he knows. He's about to embark on an adventure that will change his life forever.
Resistance 2.0 (WIP)
Summary: It's Christmas, 2012. The Mulder family has come a long way, from Mexico into the mountains of Canada. But the invasion isn't far behind them.

Restless Vespers

By Blackwood
Rated PG-13
Category: MSR, UST, Post-col Vignette, AU, Angst, Humor
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: It's not the critic who counts.


By waterfall
Rated PG-13
Category: Post-col
Spoilers: Through "The Truth"
Summary: When letting go does not equate to giving up.


By Donna
Rated PG-13
Category: MSR, angst
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: If he hadn't been abducted...

The Reunion

By Imajiru
Not Rated
Category: None provided
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: Between the very small number of agents who defected, and the very large number of agents who lost their lives in the line of duty, not many Exterminators made it to retirement.

Reunion at the Tiburon Cafe

By Shahara Zade
Rated R
Category: AU
Spoilers: Through S7
Summary: In the Spring of 2030, Lucas Baldwin had two great passions: his kitchen and his fiancee, Georgia Hale. He wasn't prepared for the family reunion.

Revelations I: I Saw a Pale Horse
Revelations II: The Morning Star
Revelations III: The Moon Beneath Her Feet
Revelations IV: Fire and Hail
Revelations V: Water of Life

By Linda Phillips
29K - 33K - 38K - 42K - 49K
Rated PG-13 to NC-17
Category: SA, MSR
Spoilers: Through S7
Summary: Can love survive the end of the world?

Save The Last Dance For Me

By Carol Gritton
Rated G
Category: V
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: The date has arrived?

(external link)

By Anna Otto
Rated PG-13
Category: XRA, set post-colonization
Spoilers: None
Summary: I came of age in the city with enforced curfews and nightly shows of searchlights, in one of the worst times for the human race. I've been humiliated and lied to, I've seen treachery and cruelty, I've been loved and betrayed. And, if given a choice, I would go through it all over again.

The Second Ones
(external link)

By Anna Otto & FirePhile
Rated R
Category: XA
Spoilers: The Beginning
Summary: A strange case threatens to tear Mulder and Scully apart. But much more than their partnership may be at stake.

Seeing in the Dark

removed by author request

Seven More Days

By Pale the Chicken Slayer
Not Rated
Category: MSR, Post-Apoc
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: I say, don't forget your keys in the morning. But we both know, our plans never work out.

The Seventh Age

By David Hearne
Rated R
Category: Post-Colonization
Spoilers: The mythology, of course. "Pusher" and "Young at Heart," too.
Summary: None Provided
Prequel to Slip-Stream

Shadows of the Past

By Marsha Bare-Taylor
Rated PG
Category: MSR, Post-col
Spoilers: None
Summary: What if Scully couldn't find Mulder? What if Bill decided to step in?

A Show Of Strength

By Meredith
Rated R
Category: A, MSR, Post-Col
Spoilers: Through 5th Season mythology. Abstract references to "The Red and The Black."
Summary: Perception, loyalty, and identity are called into question as survivors face new and more threatening challenges.

Sieg und Verlust
(external link)

By aka "Jake"
Rated NC-17
Category: X, MSR
Spoilers: Big ones for early Season 8
Summary: "So what's next, Agent Mulder?"
"The shit-storm of all time, Agent Doggett. You ready for it?"

"Silent Night" File #314

By Feline Femme
Rated PG
Category: Challenge Fic
Spoilers: "The Truth"
Summary: None provided.


By David Hearne
Rated R
Category: S
Spoilers: Mythology
Summary: None provided
Sequel to The Seventh Age

Smoke on the Horizon

By Paige Caldwell
Rated NC-17
Category: MSR, S
Spoilers: Through Season 6
Summary: Now that the truth about colonization is revealed, Scully struggles to find hope in a future that may not include Mulder.
Sequel to Comfortably Numb

Smothered Joy

By Luperkal
Rated PG-13
Category: VA
Spoilers: Slight FTF
Summary: It's not easy being the stepping block to extinction for your own species.

SN 1572

By prufrock's love
Rated NC-17
Category: Novel, Post-colonization, Angst, Dark MSR, Other
Spoilers: Through early season 7
Summary: After colonization and Earth's devastation, Scully remains in one of the few safe, walled colonies, remembering the past and praying for some future with Mulder. Whatever the hell Mulder has become.

Souvenirs of a Day Gone By

By Paige Caldwell
Rated NC-17
Category: DSR, angst, mention of character death
Spoilers: Season 8 and beyond.
Summary: "In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...."

Spring in Pride Creek

By Elsie
Rated PG-13
Category: SR, post-colonization
Spoilers: Existence
Summary: William's girlfriend recalls the first fourteen months are colonization.

States of Mind

By Ashlea Ensro
Rated R
Category: VRA
Spoilers: Up to "One Son."

States of Mind: Farewell
Summary: A farewell at a train station.
States of Mind: Those Who Go
Summary: Krycek's point-of-view.
States of Mind: Those Who Stay
Summary: Mulder's point-of-view.

Still Bravely Singing

By mimic117
Rated G
Category: V
Spoilers: None mentioned
Summary: When the battles are won and the casualties counted, it's important to remember the price of victory.
Sequel to While Daring Greatly

Strange Oasis

By Spooky
Not Rated
Category: M/Sk friendship
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: Running for his life in a post-apocalyptic world, Skinner finds a strange refuge among his enemies.

Strangers and Pilgrims

By David Hearne
Rated PG-13 to R
Category: X
Spoilers: A ton.
Summary: The Gotterdammerung. The Final Conflict. The Armageddon. The End.

Stronger Than Death
(external link)

By seema
Not Rated
Category: None provided
Spoilers: None provided
Summary: None provided


By The Phile Formerly Known as Soapie
Rated PG
Category: SRA, slight SSR, slight MSR
Spoilers: None
Summary: Scully, Skinner, and the Lone Gunmen are just a few of the survivors of the alien attack, living underground in tunnels near what used to be DC. Mulder has been missing since 1997, when the war began. Everyone else takes Mulder for dead, except for Scully. Then when a strange man is found on the surface, and no one knows who he is, things REALLY get complicated.


By Donna
Rated R
Category: MSR, angst, AU
Spoilers: Synchrony, Per Manum
Summary: A possible future...


By Li'l Gusty
Rated PG-13
Category: MSR, implied M/O
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: "How could you tell the one person you'd pledged your life to that you'd given up on them?"